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Our advanced training platform was created to provide our customers with real-time training, by providing practical solutions for complying with alcoholic beverage laws. Our online courses are designed by law enforcement, attorneys, and trained professionals in the alcoholic beverage industry. We do all of this and still remain the most cost-effective solution available.


The material in our training covers essential information to comply with alcoholic beverage laws:



  • Eliminate sale and service to underage customers through proper I.D. checking.
  • Evaluating intoxication levels by understanding the effects of alcohol in the body.
  • Preventing over serving patrons and dealing with unruly patrons and alcohol-related situations.
  • Proper checking of identification.
  • Encourage prudent serving practices.
  • Promote responsibility amongst your staff.
  • Our training is tailored to both on and off premise vendors who are licensed to serve and sell alcohol.
  • Access to required updates (every 120 days), is available 24/7 in order to maintain compliance as a Responsible Vendor.
  • Home of Training will provide you a weekly progress report each week to help maintain a compliant workplace.



Home of Training's website is designed to provide each licensee with its own password-protected company profile, including a profile for each employee that will maintain all of the company and employee records, assigned courses, completed courses and future courses that may be offered. Everything is done in a socially interactive platform. Please contact us for a free tour.



Home of Training's program for managers adds a twist to your typical manager training courses. Our training provides managers with one-of-a-kind interpretation of the beverage laws and the application to real-life situations. In addition to all the benefits from our Alcohol Safety Training Program, the manager training provides sample policies and procedures that each licensee may implement to further comply with the beverage laws.



Home of Training will provide you and your employees with quarterly updates on alcoholic beverage laws as well as offer you recent enforcement activities happening around the state.

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